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Raleigh Durham Drug Rehab Centers

Beneath the veneer of one of the most beautiful locations in the United States lies a problem with drugs and alcohol.   Raleigh Durham drug rehab centers help treat the men and women who live in this picturesque part of America by giving them the tools to break the difficult cycle of drug addiction and alcoholism.   The information below (and throughout this website) is designed to help introduce those living with addiction in North Carolina to their treatment options.

What Gets Treated at Raleigh Durham Rehab?

Currently, the drug rehab centers of Raleigh Durham, North Carolina see patients who are suffering from addiction to a number of different drugs.   The most “popular” reasons for entering addiction treatment at these centers include:

  • Vicodin Addiction. One of the fastest growing addiction problems in the United States, Vicodin abuse and dependence have the power to overtake an individual’s life without treatment.
  • OxyContin Addiction.   This powerful painkiller has caused numerous overdoses over the past few years.   Addiction treatment is a necessity before the unthinkable happens.
  • Heroin Addiction.   Men and women of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds abuse heroin.   Finding good heroin addiction treatment is a key to avoiding the serious physical and psychological issues associated with the drug.
  • Crystal Meth Addiction. Easy to produce and obtain – and highly dangerous – crystal meth is an addictive drug that is cutting through North Carolina at an alarming rate.
  • Marijuana Addiction. Whether or not you believe that marijuana is addictive, the drug has the power to wreak havoc on an individual’s life.   Marijuana addiction treatment helps men and women deal with the issue at the core.
  • Cocaine Addiction. Although cocaine addiction rates are lower than they have been in the past, treatment is still essential for those men and women who have become psychologically dependent on this dangerous, expensive drug.

Different Types of Drug Rehabilitation Programs in Raleigh Durham

There are several different types of drug rehabilitation programs in the Raleigh Durham area.   Understanding the difference between these centers is one of the keys to receiving the most appropriate, most effective form of care.

  • Residential Drug Rehab. With these programs, the individual moves into the treatment facility for an extended period of time (usually a month or longer).  Doing so allows them to focus solely on overcoming addiction and learning about the triggers that lead to this behavior.
  • Outpatient Drug Rehab.  These programs offer many of the same processes as residential care, but have the individual attending treatment during the day – and then returning home in the evening.   Outpatient care is a good solution for those who cannot simply drop everything to enter into a residential rehab, or who do not a more serious addiction problem (that requires 24/7 supervision).
  • Holistic Drug Rehab. Some drug rehab programs are now implementing holistic elements into treatment that help enhance the mind-body-spirit connection and improve the odds of recovery from addiction.   These often include:  yoga, meditation, spiritual healing and other programs.
  • Teen Drug Rehab. Teen addiction treatment programs help young people overcome substance abuse problems by speaking their language and addressing the key reasons why young people become addicted to drugs and alcohol.
  • Women’s Drug Rehab. Gender-specific addiction treatment programs help women by providing them with a safe place to undergo rehab and addressing issues specific to them such as codependency, self-image problems, sexual or physical abuse and more.

What Makes Raleigh Durham Addiction Treatment Unique?

With top universities in the area, including Duke and the University of North Carolina, Raleigh Durham is blessed with some of the finest minds in the fields of addiction treatment.   Medical school and addiction treatment centers in the area are both home to progressive treatment styles and modalities that have been found to be incredibly effective.   In addition, residential drug rehab centers Raleigh Durham provide inspiration through their breathtaking locales.   Getting away from it all in a magnificent residential setting can help the individual find peace and solace in their lives – both of which are absolutely necessary if one is to overcome drug addiction.

Paying for Drug Rehab

With some programs costing thousands of dollars per month to attend, the cost of addiction treatment is a concern for many American families.   To help, more and more insurance companies are now providing coverage that helps pay for some or all of the cost of care.  In addition, many Raleigh Durham addiction treatment centers now offer private financing to help families pay for drug rehab in such a way that allows them to get back on their feet financially.