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Drug Rehab Costs in Raleigh Durham

Drug Rehab Costs in Raleigh DurhamFor those who are embattled with the terrible affliction of a drug addiction, the light at the end of the tunnel can sometimes be very dim and hard to find. The sad reality of drug abuse in our great nation is that no city or region is safe from the proliferation of drugs and the ensuing chaos that they have the potential to create. Even pristine cities such as Raleigh Durham, North Carolina—best known for the tall-standing oaks that dot it and the very friendly locales that are always welcoming of visitors—is not impervious to drug addiction, or the abuse of drugs. Seeing as this city is the 45th largest city in the nation, and one of the fastest growing cities in the US, according to last census, for those who are seeking addiction treatment here, a question that is easily on the top of the list is: What are the Raleigh Durham drug rehab costs?

What are the National Costs of Drug Rehab These Days?

One question that is most certainly of an issue at hand when it comes to finding out what drug rehab costs in Raleigh Durham may be, can easily be answered by leaning towards what the experts have to say about the issue—which can really shed some light on what you can expect to pay when seeking effective rehabilitation. According to the National Substance Abuse Treatment Services Survey (N-SATSS), “the average cost for inpatient programs is around $7,000 per month.” Because many drug rehab centers, like residential ones that you stay at for, on average, around thirty days or longer, according to the N-SATSS, this is a cost that can run “anywhere from $7,500 and $75,000.”

Keep in mind that this number can vastly vary between where you choose to seek treatment. Also let us not forget that drug rehab centers offer the most affordable costs of treatment, when compared to a traditional hospitable that could run a patient $2,000 per day, or more, for a less effective approach to therapy and vastly reduced success rates. Besides, all of this, there is one question that just has to be poised here: Can you really put a price tag on the life, wellbeing and longevity of any human being? Of course you cannot!

Ways to Pay for Drug Treatment Costs in Raleigh Durham

Don’t let the costs of drug rehab treatment defray you from seeking effective therapy, as there are many different ways that you can pay for it in North Carolina. To better aid you, here are some candid suggestions. One, you may already have coverages in your current healthcare plan that can lower the costs; or you can apply for a discount health care card, which will reduce the associated fees. Homeowners can always borrow from their equity to pay for the costs of drug rehab. Or, you can always consider taking out a private bank loan, or using some spare room that you may have on your credit cards. Lastly, your friends and family may be willing to assist you with drug treatment costs as well, provided that you ask them for their help.