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Military Drug Rehab Services

Military Drug Rehab ServicesThere has been some rather shocking revelations that have taken place in the world of the United States military, concerning the overall wellbeing of the actively enlisted persons, usually after they return from a tour of duty abroad. With our country long embattled in two crucial wars against terrorism overseas, more soldiers are coming back from seeing wartime atrocities then we have seen since the Vietnam War era. While there is a vast difference between the jungle warfare of Viet Cong and the suburban warfare being waged in Afghanistan and Iraq, one thing is most definitely for certain: More soldiers and military veterans are turning to the abuse of alcohol and drugs to self medicate in order to deal with the inner conflicts that they harbor from their experiences, causing an ever drastic and very recent, and rather astonishing rise in the amount of veterans or actively enlisted personnel that require military Raleigh drug rehab services.

Tantamount to this highly debated topic of military drug rehab services that are absolutely necessary in order to treat thousands of returning soldiers, as well as veterans who have succumbed to the throes of an addiction to drugs, are some recent news articles that highly support these facts. While the banter may wager back and forth as to just what the risks are with soldiers using drugs and alcohol, or becoming addicted to them, when you take a look at the true numbers, the entire story is revealed. Then the facts can represent the real truths, and just why military drug rehab services are essential in the resolution of this debacle.

The Importance of Military Drug Treatment

According to a late August Associated Press article that was entitled, “Army: Rising suicide rate reflects risk-taking,” drug usage, suicides and other detrimental and harmful personal behaviors are at all time highs in the US Army currently. “An Army report on the record number of soldier suicides says the trend is part of a rise in risky behavior including drunk driving and drug abuse in a military stretched to the breaking point by the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The report says the Army is failing its soldiers by missing signs of trouble, or by looking the other way as commanders try to keep to tight schedules required to meet deployment schedules. The Army vice chief of staff, Gen. Peter Chiarelli, said Thursday that statistics on levels of drug and alcohol abuse, car accidents and crime suggests that soldiers are taking more risks while discipline has slipped. The Army counted 160 suicides last year, the highest total ever.”

Getting Help from a Military Drug Rehabilitation Center

If you are suffering from a form of drug or alcohol addiction, taking action right now can really change your life for the better. There are amazing rehab centers located all across the United States that offer you a way to avoid a traditional military drug rehab services center located at a base camp. Even better, they boast incredible success rates, and many offer military discounts and accept military health insurance plans as well!